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Home of the Wolverines

West Geauga High School


Home of the Wolverines

West Geauga High School

Home of the Wolverines

West Geauga High School

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

he Wall of Fame honorees are individuals who throughout their athletic careers (high school, collegiately, or professionally) have outstanding athletic achievements:

Qualifying candidates must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Chagrin Valley Conference  MVP
  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Team All State
  • State Record Holder
  • Placing at an OHSAA State Meet for individual competition
  • Graduates who are NCAA I, II, or III- All Americans
  • Graduates who play on national teams
  • Graduates who play on professional teams



 2016 Joey Fornaro- Wrestling

2016 Hannah Zuzek- Girls Soccer

2011 Kelly Williams-Track

2009 Adam Walters- Wrestling

2008 Hayden Angelotta- Wrestling

2008 Sam Delpra-Wrestling

2007 Dominic Cribari- Wrestling

2006 Frank Cikach- Baseball

2005 Mike Reinhard-Boys Basketball

2004 Rob Skuski- Boys Basketball

2004 Charlie McDonald- Football

2004 Kristin Chapic- Track

2003 Ryan Kleve- Football

2003 Joe Konieczny- Football

2003 Joe Lubelski- Football

2003 Pat McDonald-Football

2003 Dave Okeson- Swimming

2003 Chris Black- Boys Soccer

2003 Ryan Rico- Baseball

2003 Geoff Protz- Wrestling

2002 Jason Rericha- Football, Boys Basketball

2002 Ashley Bohnic-Girls Soccer, Girls Basketball

2002 Bryan Javorek- Track

2002 Brendan Murphy- Boys Soccer

2002 Dean Thorton- Track

2001 Shawn Protz- Wrestling

2001 Jeremy Hartman-Wrestling

2001 Christina Neveu-Girls Basketball

2000 Matt Moran- Boys Basketball

2000 Keith Widing Baseball

2000 Mike Sapanaro-Football

2000 Matt Komar- Wrestling

1999 Mike Marich- Boys Soccer

1999 Keith Spivey- Track

1999 Megan Drews- Girls Basketball

1998 Ryan Nau-Track

1998 Matt Boumphrey- Golf

1996 Greg Gromek-Football, Baseball

1996 Brian Miller- Golf

1996 Kurt Frankel- Track

1996 Jon Sharpe- Football

1996 Annette Taylor- Track

1995 James Vandress- Cross-Country, Track

1995 Alison Drews- Girls Softball

1994 Randi Boczek- Gymnastics

1994 Aram Topalian-Football

1993 Rachel Ruggerio- Softball

1993 Jackie Prots- Softball

1993 Andrea Seaman- Gymnastics

1993 John Rodin- Boys Soccer

1993 Jeff Mattern- Baseball

1992 Haiti Taylor-Track

1992 KC Vlach- Track, Basketball

1992 Kevin Zebrowski- Football

1992 Brian Currett- Arial Freestyle

1991 Bridget Dwyer- Cross-Country

1991 Chris Mapes- Wrestling

1991 Ginger Elliot- Girls Basketball

1990 Pete Beckman- Football

1990 KC Hunt- Boys Basketball

1990 Wendy Weiss- Track

1989 Brad Long- Football- Basketball

1989 Shaun Kearney- Basketball

1989 Shane Ruminski- Boys Basketball

1989 Joe Julian- Wrestling

1988 John Rozsits- Boys Soccer

1988 Gina Ruggerio- Girls Basketball

1988 Andy Suttell- Boys Basketball

1986 Deann Cirino- Track

1985 Eric Horstman- Football

1984 Rich Zukowski- Track

1981 Kris McKenzie- Track

1981 Karl Zoller- Golf

1981 Rich Zukowski- Track

1979 Denis Robertson Gymnastics

1979 Terry Teachout- Boys Basketball

1977 Kerry Sabo- Baseball

1971- Sam Komar

1953 Jerry Elliot-Track